Group 2

& Molène

Visit Ushant

Off the Iroise Sea

The island of Ushant fascinates by the beauty of its fields of heather and gorse, but also by its fauna. Easily accessible from the port of Le Conquet, the trip can be made in a day. The island is famous for its breed of sheep, the smallest in the world and, in the past, for its dwarf horses, now extinct. A visit to Ushant during the migration period is also a chance to see many rare bird species.

Group 284

Discover Molène

Preserved archipelago

A few kilometres away, the landscapes of the Molène archipelago can be contemplated in silence. The water is turquoise, the churches and alleys contrast the stone with vast wild plains overlooking the sea. On Ouessant Island, it is also the plenitude that prevails when you come across old low walls along the hiking trails. The Musée de l'abri du marin and the island's lighthouse are the two main sights, apart from the wonderful sunsets to be admired from the beaches.